Parkland shooting settlement • Fed's interest hike • Gas tax holidays • Companies staying in Russia • Netflix's shared accounts •
18 MAR 2022
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Fed's interest hike • Parkland shooting settlement • Gas tax holidays • Companies staying in Russia • Netflix's shared accounts

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#1 in U.S. News • 69 articles
How does the Federal Reserve’s rate change affect the probability of a recession?
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    U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates for first time since 2018.
    The Guardian (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 80% • 4 min read

    The Fed raised rates by a quarter percentage point from near zero, in what is expected to be the first in a series of raises in the coming months. JW Mason, associate professor of economics at John Jay College, said a quarter-point rate rise was unlikely to have much impact on inflation or the wider economy.
    The Fed has a dual mandate – to maximize employment and keep prices under control. The job market and the wider economy have made an impressive recovery, thanks in part to Fed rate cuts and a massive stimulus program, but prices have increased by 7.9% in the year through February – the highest rate of inflation in 40 years.
    Raising rates too quickly threatens to push the US into recession. This week, CNBC’s Fed Survey – which gauges the opinions of fund managers, strategists and economists – put the probability of recession in the US at 33% in the next 12 months, up 10% from the 1 February survey. The latest survey put the chance of a recession in Europe at 50%.
  1. Different political viewpoint
    Fed raises interest rates for first time since 2018. [Read free here]
    Wall Street Journal (Moderate Right) • Factual Grade 76% • 4 min read
  1. Selected long-read
    Can the Federal Reserve lower inflation without causing a recession? [Read free here]
    Boston Globe (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 70% • 7 min read

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#2 in U.S. News • 15 articles
Why did the U.S. settle with the families of victims of the Parkland shooting?

    The Justice Department resolved 40 civil cases, brought forth by survivors of the shooting and families of 16 of the victim...

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#3 in U.S. News • 15 articles
How are states seeking to mitigate rising gas prices?

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, [announced] a plan last week to suspend the state’s gas tax for 30 days. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has also reached a deal to...

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Should states temporarily waive gas taxes?

All votes are anonymous. This poll closes at: 9:00 PDT


Should NATO enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine?

528 votes, 60 comments

Context: Ukrainian president addresses U.S. Congress, pleads for no-fly zone.


No - A NATO no-fly zone is direct military action against Russia, which means a direct war between nuclear powers. As we have seen by the Ukrainian defense of their country, Russia's military is not as powerful as we thought. Russia's only response to superior NATO forces will be the use of nuclear weapons. The use of nuclear weapons will kill more people than any no-fly zone over Ukraine will save. Anyone advocating for a NATO enforced no-fly zone is advocating for a nuclear WWIII.

Yes - The NATO nation-states in the region should all be very concerned about Russian aggressi...

Unsure - On one hand, Russia is clearly the bad guy in this war, and so they should be stopped. On the other hand, Russia is a nuclear superpower, and entering into the war via no-fly zone (read: shoo...


#1 in World News • 13 articles
Which international companies are still doing business in Russia?

    37 large companies are defying demands to exit or reduce activities in Russia, according to a tally updated by [Yale University management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld]. The goal is to pressure [compa...

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#1 in Business News • 16 articles
Why is Netflix reversing its stance on password sharing?

    The test will start in three countries: Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. Through the test, Netflix will start letting standard- and premium-plan customers add accounts for up...

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Highly-rated article from left-leaning source

NPR • Grade 74%

Starbucks CEO is stepping down. Howard Schultz returning as interim boss.

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Washington Examiner • Grade 76%

Amazon and MGM finalize $8.5 billion merger.

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