Tesla gaming investigation • Afghanistan aid expanded • Student loan pause • Pfizer's Covid-19 pill • U.S. population growth rate •
23 DEC 2021
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Student loan pause • Pfizer's covid pill • Afghanistan aid expanded • Tesla gaming investigation • U.S. population growth rate

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#1 in U.S. News • 38 articles
Why is President Biden extending the moratorium on federal student loans?
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  1. Highly-rated - last 48 hrs
    Biden administration extends pause on federal student loan payments until May.
    NBC News (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 88% • 7 min read

    The Biden administration [previously] extended the moratorium in September, giving borrowers until Jan. 31 before they would have to resume making payments. The Education Department said at the time that it felt that a "definitive end date" would reduce the risk of delinquency and defaults once payments restart.
    The White House maintained for months that Biden would not extend the pause beyond the Jan. 31 deadline, warning borrowers that they should be prepared to resume payments in February even as Covid case numbers increased and as inflation concerns gripped the country.
    Debt relief advocates and some Democratic lawmakers had pressured Biden to extend the moratorium, especially after Sen. Joe Manchin said he would not vote for Biden's Build Back Better Act, throwing its prospects into doubt. Some Democrats have also argued that it would be a poor political decision for Biden to restart student loan payments ahead of a difficult midterm elections year.
  1. Different political viewpoint
    Biden extends student loan payment pause another 90 days. [Free read link]
    Wall Street Journal (Moderate Right) • Factual Grade 72% • 2 min read
  1. Selected long-read
    Has student loan cancellation already stimulated the economy even without wide-scale student loan forgiveness?
    Forbes (Moderate Right) • Factual Grade 60% • 5 min read
  1. Recent poll
    Should some level of student loans be forgiven?
    726 votes • 168 comments

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#2 in U.S. News • 22 articles
How will a new antiviral pill for Covid-19 impact the pandemic?

    The authorization of an oral antiviral to beat back Covid has been eagerly anticipated because such a medicine could reach large numbers of people infected with the v...

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#1 in World News • 10 articles
How is the U.S. expanding aid to Afghanistan?

    The [new licenses issued by the Treasury Department] expand the definition of allowed humanitarian assistance to education, includ...

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#1 in Business News • 13 articles
Why is Tesla being investigated for in-vehicle video games?

    Tesla owner Vince Patton filed the complaint with the agency last month. He was able to activate [two games] while driving. Later, he found he could browse the intern...

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#1 in Science News • 19 articles
Why did the U.S. population growth rate hit a record low this last year?

    The year 2021 is the first time since 1937 that the U.S. population grew by fewer than 1 million people, reflecting the lowest numeric growth since at least 1900, when the...

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Should the U.S. allow in more immigrants to offset slowing population growth?

All votes are anonymous. This poll closes at: 9:00 PDT


Should the 5G rollout be delayed?

289 votes, 24 comments

Context: Aviation executives call for pause to 5G deployment, citing aircraft safety concerns.


No - The FAA has been crying wolf on consumer electronics for a long long time even though there is little to no evidence that any of the devices cause any kind of interference. [...] I could see if there was real evidence, but even independently searching all I find is a vague suggestion that because 5G operates from 2.4-3.9 GHz and aircraft radar altimeters around the world operate at 4.2-4.4GHz that they are worried about crosstalk due to spurious transmissions. So where are the actual studies, where is the data?

Yes - The FAA has no interest in delaying the technology except for safety. Plane crashes are deadly. Clearly, cell phone companies have su...

Unsure - I'm not an engineer. I am totally unqualified to know whether or not 5G will or will ...


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The new use for abandoned oil rigs.

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Reason • Grade 78%

Biden to spend $7.5 billion on chargers that electric car owners likely won't use.

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