Blue Origin lawsuit • Europe's Covid resurgence • Ahmaud Arbery case • October jobs report • Havana Syndrome response •
6 NOV 2021
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Ahmaud Arbery case • October jobs report • Europe's Covid resurgence • Blue Origin lawsuit • Havana Syndrome response

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#1 in U.S. News • 61 articles
Why is the jury selection in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery's death being scrutinized?
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  1. Highly-rated - last 48 hrs
    How the jury in the Ahmaud Arbery case ended up nearly all white — and why it matters.
    NPR (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 80% • 4 min read

    The Arbery case became a focal point in the national conversation around race last year after video emerged showing the three white defendants — Gregory McMichael; his son, Travis McMichael; and their neighbor William Bryan — chasing Arbery, a Black man, as he jogged down a residential street before one of them shoots him with a shotgun.
    The Sixth Amendment guarantees citizens the right to an impartial jury, but there's no requirement that the jury be as racially diverse as the area where the trial is taking place. In Glynn County, where Arbery was killed and the trial is happening, 27% of the population is Black. Only one juror is Black, while the other 11 are white.
    The defense attorneys argued that they struck some potential Black jurors not because of their race but rather because they were biased against the defendants and had made up their minds about the case.
  1. Different political viewpoint
    Almost all-white jury picked in Ahmaud Arbery trial despite pushback.
    Washington Examiner (Moderate Right) • Factual Grade 73% • 3 min read
  1. Selected long-read
    How big of a difference does an all-white jury make? A leading expert explains. (2016) [Free read link]
    Washington Post (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 66% • 9 min read

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Does the racial makeup of the jury matter in the Ahmaud Arbery case?

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Should the US have signed the pledge to phase out coal power?

427 votes, 51 comments

Context: Over 40 countries, not including the U.S., pledge to end use of coal power at climate summit.


Yes - Fossil fuels account for a significant proportion of the greenhouse gases causing climate change. Energy production is a necessity, and whatever we can do to minimize its impact on the environment is a move in the right direction. I understand that there are a lot of jobs tied up in the mining and supply of coal, but the writing is on the wall that this method of energy production is unsustainable.

No - Eventually yes, but until supply can be brought up to speed with cleaner sources of energy, the answer is no. There is alread...

Unsure - Like all regulations, one must be careful. Through regulation we should phase out certain emissions, not the pres...

#2 in U.S. News • 19 articles
What does the October jobs report reveal about the economic recovery?

    After shedding more than 20 million jobs in March and April of 2020, the U.S. economy has regained all but 4 million of them. The number of job opening...

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#1 in World News • 24 articles
Why is Covid-19 surging in Europe?

    Last week, with nearly 1.8 million new cases and 24,000 new deaths reported, the WHO’s European and central Asia region saw a 6% increase in infections and a 12% increase in fatalities, co...

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#1 in Business News • 12 articles
Why did Blue Origin lose its lawsuit against NASA?

    Mr. Jeff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin, sued NASA in August, contending that the agency unfairly awarded to SpaceX a $2.9 billion contract in April to co...

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#1 in Science News • 9 articles
How is the United States responding to the Havana Syndrome?

    More than 200 diplomats, intelligence officers and other government personnel around the world have been affected by the mystery illness. Those affected have complained...

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Highly-rated article from left-leaning source

The Guardian • Grade 76%

West Hollywood votes to set highest minimum wage in US.

Highly-rated article from right-leaning source

Washington Examiner • Grade 72%

Biden, Obama, and Bush among those paying respects at Colin Powell funeral.

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